Mots Slow is a trilingual magazine published by Hand Art Publisher, founded by Jérôme Karsenti, which will come out each year one day before the previous edition. So the 1st number will come out on December the 1st 2013, the second on the 30th of November 2014 etc…

Each number is conceived as a collective work where plastic effects and writing effects are joined through the participation of artists, scientists and literary people. The magazine is printed on a paper size 110gr, recto-verso, 70cm x 100cm, which can be folded into 21cm 30cm size in order to choose “the article”, the work of its choice, or to juxtapose them. So the poster will be susceptible to be framed. The graphism is modified at each number, in order to the chosen topic. This 1st number answers to this question, ” who from both of us looks like the most to the other one? The 2nd number answers to “The point of no return, Serendipity.” Have mixed their voices and their projections for both numbers: Dominique Brancher, Marie Laure Dagoit, Daniel Fels, Barbara Fourneret, Alessandro Francesco, Celine Germes, Renaud Helena, Sophia  Janatti, Michel Jeanneret, Lola Karsenti, Elisa Millier, Stéphane Montavon, Frédéric Tinguely, Slaven Waelti. Zakaria Alilech. Shirin Barthel. Hervé Baudry. Jonathan Cejudo. Joe Chaney. Zabo Chabiland. Celine Germes. Eric Giraud. Alex & John Gailla. Jérôme Karsenti. Ethan Murrow. Julia Nielsen. Concetta Pennuto. Bernard La Scola. Ruvi Simmons. Unglee. Luis P. Villarreal.