Lecturis is a publisher of books on art that range from photography, design and artist’s monographies. Several books have been published on the ocassion of exhibitions in Dutch museums. Lecturis has two other imprints that also cover books on art and cultural history: DATO and Timmer Art Books. 

DATO is an imprint of Lecturis and is specialised in books on cultural history.

Timmer Art Books has recently become an imprint of Lecturis (since August 2014). Until then Timmer Art Books was an independant publisher of artist’s monographies about artists living and working in The Netherlands.

Lecturis will be showing the latest new books from 2014 and 2015. It will cover a range of art books from the three publishing names: Lecturis, DATO and Timmer Art Books.




e: info@lecturis.nl

t: +31 (0)40 281 45 45

e: info@timmerartbooks.nl

t: +31 (0)40 281 45 45