Sequence publishers is the publishing company of Mémé Bartels, a Dutch artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work consists of artist books, that can be seen as complete exhibitions in a book.

In 2012 she published her first book: Monochrome, that was chosen by the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant as one of the best books of 2013 in the Netherlands. In 2013 she produced a handmade book: Minutes. The book contains visual notes and is a personal notebook.

Sequences is her third publication (2014). It consists of three books. It focuses on the notion that only the extraordinary seems to grasp our attention and it questions the continuous pursuit of quick success. Sequences has been chosen as the best photobook in the Netherlands in 2014. The Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant selects the best books every year.

Mémé Bartels keeps moving forward. Last year she published a book that was amongst one of the best in the Netherlands. This year she created a book that consists of three booklets in which she captures the everyday in photographic images. 12 going to 13: the personal belongings of a 12-year-old in unpretentious black and white. Smashing.”